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How we will help your business to grow sustainably?

How many times you have tried to be sustainable but you think it is not cost effective for your hotel or restaurant?

We will help you to ease your anxiety and we will teach you the techniques to increase your profit with sustainability.

Increase Your Revenue With Sustainability

It is well documented that companies that have clear sustainable practices in place have customers who will be willing to spend more to visit your hotel or restaurant


If you offer clear sustainable values and sustainable activities, customers tend to book directly rather than booking through OTAs (Will help to reduce inter-mediation costs).


Staff Involvement

We are all a team!

So we will show you how involving your staff in your activities will help you to reach your profitable sustainable goals.


We will show you how to practice Green Human Resourcing management


Food Waste Reduction

Both hotels and restaurants waste up to at least 30% of the food produced in their kitchens, resulting in sums of money lost and huge impact on the planet!

We will show you how to reduce your food waste in your hotel and restaurant effectively while also saving your hard earned money but also the environment.


Cost Reduction

Hotels and restaurants produce 50% of carbon emissions in our environment, this is a huge impact that we have to slow down and reduce to zero.


The amount of emission connected to cost management is very high. We will give you the right tools to reduce your costs efficiently, effectively and make a difference for the environment.


Increase Guests Loyalty With Sustainability

Guest's loyalty is the "Golden Rule" for hospitality!


This is the nature of the service they offer, as it is intangible and in order to make sales you need customer's loyalty.


It is proven that adopting sustainable practices increases reputation. Customers are willing to recommend your business to others!

Let's Work Together

Let me help you to increase your profit with sustainability while offering a better world to future generations! 

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